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Emergency medicine is an area in the medical field that deals with saving human life in the pre-hospital setting, immediately after an injury or medical emergency up until the arrival of the patient at the hospital.

In the past few decades, the medical world has come to the realization that the action of a person who is present at the time of medical emergency has a critical impact on the survival chances of the patient, and in some cases have more impact than the hospital medical staff.

Effective primary care prevents deterioration of bodily vital functions and maintains the patient’s quality of life. As a result, it is understandable why it is vital for a person who is close to the incident to have the required knowledge and tools to perform high quality and efficient, life-saving care.

“MediScope” is a company founded by people with a vision to change the current status of the field of pre-hospital care, and make the knowledge and tools necessary available to the general population.

Our company specializes in providing a wide range of emergency medicine solutions, from providing critical knowledge in life-saving operations to providing the necessary high-quality medical equipment with our full guarantee.

The training area at “MediScope” is innovative and advanced. Our Online interactive learners are unique, as they involve the student in the learning process to create an efficient and rewarding learning experience. This kind of learning enables the student to gain the curse material practically and efficiently. 

In order to achieve the desired result, we customize the content to each student, so it will prepare them to handle any medical emergencies that are most common in their environment.

Our first aid courses at all levels is an unforgettable experience and the most comprehensive exposure to a fascinating field that will make you feel secure in your ability to save lives. We are committed to the most comprehensive and professional learning process that will prepare you for the moment of truth!

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